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Standard Tuning
Listen to the song for the chord rhythm.

E*, Abm, B, E

E                      Abm
I felt my vocal chords weakening
B                 E
I felt my concave thoughts
E                   Abm
I felt my voluntary blindness
    B                      E
For staring straight into the sun
E                       Abm
The romantic air of your eye patch
B                  E
Called me across the room
E                                 Abm
I clung there and danced with you silent
B                   E
Admired your divine tattoos

Intro x2

Verse 2.
We slept in the shadow of a cedar tree    (same chord progression)
We made love on the rising tide
We smelled the perfume of the waxing moon
We dreamt of all the friendships kind
We touched the blood of the black cat
We pet the mammoth dog of tears
In the flickering light we were laughing
Necessity conquers fear

     E              Abm
Don't lose yourself    
     B              E           
Don't let yourself be lost
     E             Abm
Don't lose yourself
     B             E
Don't let yourself be lost

Verse 3.
Dreaming we were stones in black stillness
Dreaming of the death of the sun
Waking to a world of white blindness
Painted eyes of the holy ones
The death of the word was upon us
And the discipline of the wind
We see less and less all the time, dear
Just look at this mess we are in


Bridge. (same chords again)
Staring at the entrance to the mine
I prayed for your wounds to close
Tiger ointment and a cosmic collision
And the crucifixion of the rose

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