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    Lauren Christy

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    Lauren Christy

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Intro: G-Em7-Em7-G-D-C9-D-Em7-C-D7sus

 Verse: I
   G      Em7    G9   G      D  C9-C
 Softy, gent-ly, I will let you down
    D           Em7     C           D7sus-D7
 Cause i don't love you in the same way now
   G     Em7        G9-G     D      C9-C
 I can hold you but not in lover's arms
    D          Em7         C            D
 Cause you are more of a brother to me now

     G  D     C          Em7
 And I can't lie next to you
     G  D     C   G F-D 
 But I can't lie to you

     CM7            G
 (So) Walk into the sun and watch me 
  CM7            G
 Runnin' to the rain(drops)
     CM7               Em7
 For you the future's easy
 D        Am7   D7sus         D7      G9-G-Em7-D
 So don't weep, for me, it's getting steep 

 Verse: II 
  G      Em7      G9     G   D   C9-C
 I love you for exactly who you are
  D  Em7                     CM7            D
 And I'd say you've come the nearest yet by far

(Repeat Refrain)
(Repeat Chorus except last word)

 CM9                  Em7
 And in the dark I'd swear i want to be
 CM9                   D7sus            D7
 Deeper, I'm somewhere you are mine to see
 (Repeat Chorus except ast five words)
  D7sus       D7 
 Yes, I will watch you...

 (Repeat Chorus except last word)

  C9 (hold)....G

 thanks all mga peeps!!!this is 100% correct chords
 kung meron kayong Question o Suggestion free to email me @
 bernardbarte@yahoo.com my "RULES"
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