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    Playground Song

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A little ditty from the second season of Lazytown. I can vouch for this one; about a 
times playing these chords against the recording makes me feel very good about its accuracy.

The only missing part of the song is the first bar, as I haven't been able to figure out 
climbing progression there. After that, it goes like this

Key of A/Bb, 139 bpm

INTRO: A  D  F#m  E

VERSE: A  D  F#m  E [x2]
       D  E  F  G

CHORUS: A  D  F#m  E [x2]
        Bm7  D  E
        Bm7  D  E


Bb  Gm  Eb  F  [x2] Bb

If you want get fancy with it, throw the minor second into the Bm7 (the first vocal note 
that bar is the C-natural). Other than that, those chords are it. Very simple.
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