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Lea Salonga & Brad Kane - We Could Be In Love

            G     Em
Be still my heart
           Am7             Dm7
Lately its mind is on its own
            G       Em
It would go far and wide
           Am7      Dm7
Just to be near you

          G    Em
Even the stars
Shine up with bright i've noticed
Dm7                  Em   A
when you're close to me
          Am7         G
Still it remains a mystery

Chorus:Anyone who's seen us
       Knows what's going on between us
           Em             Am7
       It doesn't take a genius
          Dm7               G     G7  
       To read between the lines
       And it's not just wishful thinking
       Or only me who's dreaming
         Em                   Am7         Cm(one strum)
       I know what these ae symptoms of
               D(one strum)G   Em   G   Em
       We could be in love
I ask myself why
I sleep like a baby through the night
Maybe it helps to know
We'll be there tomorrow

Don't open my eyes
I'll wake from the spell 
I'm under
Makes me wonder how

Tell me how
I could live without you now?

Chorus:And what about the laughter
       The happy ever after
       Like voices of sweet angels
       Calling out our name
       And it's not just wishful thinking
       Or only me who's dreaming
       I know what these are symptoms of
       We could be in love

        G      C           G 
Bridge:All my life i have dreamt of this
                Am7     G         Am
       But i could not see your face
       D          Bm
       Don't ask why
       C           G      Em
       Two such distance stars
              Am7             Dm7
       Could fall right into place

Chorus repeat 2x.

i hope this chords are right.
Because i've always been searching for this song,after i finally got it,i'd like
to share it with all the guitarist who knows this song. This song is very
meaningful and well maybe a little bit "history"(as in old 90's hit) and some
don't even know this song.Correct me if i'm wrong..have fun playing!
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