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Huddie Ledbetter

Where did you sleep last night is AKA In the pines, AKA Little Girl
Here is a version of it:

Little Girl by Huddie Ledbetter (Leadbelly)

Song is in 3/4
The A7 is 002223

The basic strum is bass strum strun or
                    1    2     3

                  bass stum up-strum strum
                   1   2     and      3

To be authentic this should be played on a 12 string strung with very heavy
string and tunned down 3 or 4 frets. (the Leo Kotke Taylor or the
Franklin Stella copy are perfect...)
All notes should be played with a thumb
pick, (except of course up strums.) On succesive measures of the same
chord, the bass should altermate. (EX: a A7,e A7, where a and e
are the open 5th and 6th strings.)

The melody can be played onong ala Leadbellyonthe BASS strings.
The  basic rythm  is:

                 bass strum   melody
                   1    2     3
                              8th16th 16th

with the melody  ending on the bass of  the next measure
Melody in in parenthesis. The chorus is the same as verse.
Small letters are notes. Caps are chord

Verse I:

            LIttle Girl, Little   Girl
(e f# g#) a A7          (a c# d#) e* A7  (melody + chords)
             A7   /  /   A7   /    /      (just chords)

(* THis e is 4 string  2nd fret)

Don't you lie to me
(e f# e)* d D   (a b) c C /

*( Played on 4 the string)

Tell me where did you sleep last night
(b d d#) e e* E7        b c d      a A7 /  A7 //
         1 2   3        1 2 3      1 2  3  1 23

* 1st e play 4th string 2nd fret, seond e played 6th string open)

In the pines, in the pines,

Where the sun never shines,

And I shivered the whole night through

Verse II:

Little girl, little girl,

Tell me where did you go.

"I'm going where the cold wind blows."
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