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Intro: B E B E

Verse 1:
        B                  E                       B
Mamma's high heels, cherry lipstick and a goodwill dress
     B                         E                    B
Play pretending, dance for the mirror, a fairy tale princess

E                                   Abm
Pretty things are yours to hold, my pretty thing soon you will know
B                                     F#  
Pretty things you think you need are not what make you beautiful
E                                  Abm
Pretty things will rob you blind, pretty things will fade in time
B                               F#               E  
It's what inside that makes you shine, my pretty thing

Verse 2:
It's only natural, tables turning and gracefully I'll learn
How to cradle the one who raised me, who'll be to fragile for this world


E            Ebm       Abm    F#          B
Selfless and faithful,     as good as you should be
E        Ebm       C#m       E        F#   
Open and fearless, oh what a gift you gave me

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