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G                                 D
The light of my life's been stolen
                                  G                                 D
I've walked in every shade of black and I never thought I would get me back
G                                 D                              G
It's funny how life can change you and make you who you are today
                       Am              C
I wonder if God set it up that way for me to be

G       D
Strong even when it hurts
    Am                                   G    Am-C
The heat it's gonna burn gotta let it burn
G         Am
Strong, strong
    C                                 G
To make a big mistake now I've run away

G                                D                   G
There's nothing like this feeling to be free and unafraid
And who ever thought I could be this brave
Learning every day


I wanna push away the boundaries
I wanna love outside the lines
         G            D           Am
I wanna stare at the sun I don't care if I go blind
           C                            C         D
Whatever comes, whatever breaks, I'll stand up straight



Outro: G,D,Am,G  (x2)
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