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Chords: Em C D

Rebel - I'm in rebellion

Verse 1:
Jesus was a rebel, a renegade, outlaw/ sanctified
troublemaker but He never sinned, oh/ and He lived His life by a 
different set of Rules/ the culture ain't approve/so you know they had 
to bruise Him/ that's the way they do/ man, they swear they so 
gangsta/ everyone the same/ everybody do the same stuff/ tattoos, 
pierces, smokin' up and drinking/ money and sex plus them extravagant weekends/ 
man if that's the high life/ I'll puff puff pass that/ you 
leave evaporated like missing a gas cap/ I guess I'm passed that/ I'm 
in rebellion/ rather have a dollar in my pocket than a mill-ion/ scared 
to worship money, my wants over Elyon/ I'll remain a rebel while the rest 
of them just carry on/this is what I live fo/ this the hill I'm buried 
on/ if Jesus is the truth/ that means one of us is VERY wrong/ think about it

(I know in our day, 'rebel' means 'sinner'.
But everyone is sinning, so it's no longer rebellious to sin!
Jesus was a rebel who was counter-cultural.)

Verse 2:
No glory to me/ all glory's to the King on the throne (Jesus)/ you 
either love Him or leave Him alone but you can't do both/ yeah, I know 
you heard that once in song/ I pray you hear 10 more fo ya gone/ hey 
listen up, homes/ The stage is the corner crowd is the streets/ 
That's why I rap the bread of life cause they dyin' to eat/
I'm a rebel you know the kind that die in the street/Cause you refuse 
to conform, won't eat the kings meat/ yeah, Christ rebelled by shunning 
the culture/ He eatin' with sinners/ givin Pharisees ulcers/ He never 
got married, He was broke plus homeless/yeah that's the God I roll with/ ya boy gotta wife
and no I neva cheated/ I'm prayin for humility whenever I get heated/ 
forget about the drugs/ rebel against pornography/ this ain't how it 
oughta be, homie/ this is how it's gotta be/ A rebel

(You're just a conformist if you're drunk and naked, and driving around 
on a motorcycle, smoking cigarettes and breaking commandments and getting pregnant 
out of wedlock. 
Everyone's done that! That's so tired. 
If you really want to be a rebel, read your Bible, because no one's 
doing that. That's rebellion. That's the only rebellion left!)

Tab by Timothy Ricks
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