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These chords are pretty much dead on when played with the song. 
If there need to be any corrections or additions, feel free to let me know.

Capo 2nd fret


Pick out a D and hit low E on second and 
third frets (helps to catch it with the 
thumb)...pretty random pickin' on the intro, 
you can strum D if you want...didn't go that far into detail.

Verse 1: (During the verses, play a G power chord softly 
                or palm mute it)

Well I love her and she's leaving 
She met a man, plays in a band, last weekend 
And he lives out on the west coast 
She says she's gotta go 


            D         G                A         D
But it's a long, long way from Myrtle Beach to L.A. 

D             G            A   
Anything could change her mind

D     G      A     Bm 
One sunset or one regret

          G                            A 
She could turn around, come back, and be mine

       G              A       D 
Happy endings happen all the time 

Verse 2: 

She's almost finished packing 
It's over 2,000 miles- a lot can happen 
There's gonna be days and days of long stretches 
Maybe she'll come back to her senses 

REPEAT CHORUS (except on this last line, go back to G power on "time")...

     G               A         G (power)             
Happy endings happen all the time 

...and keep it going through this whole small 3rd verse.

Well I ain't waitin' on no phonecall 
I ain't gettin' my hopes up at all 
And I ain't settin' myself up for a fall 

REPEAT CHORUS (palm muted until "one sunset")

      G                         A
Then everything would be just fine

      G               A       D      
Happy endings happen all the time 


Oooo yeah they do 
It's a long, long way from Myrtle Beach to L.A.
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