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An amazing song written by Leeland and Jack Mooring.  Sorry I didn't bother
figuring out the bridge.

G (320003@1)           D/F# (200232@1)         Em (022000@1)     DGreat (xx0232@1)is Your love and Your faithfulness
           C (x32010@1)      D (xx0232@1)             GIt's (320003@1)Your faithfulness that carries me
G (320003@1)             D/F#Many (200232@1)times I've run away
    G/B (143121@7)              CForsook (x32010@1)Your love and all Your grace
Em (022000@1)           D (xx0232@1)      CStill (x32010@1)You call out my name
            Em (022000@1)          D (xx0232@1)     GYeah, (320003@1)You still care that I be saved

         CSo (x32010@1)I'll sing the glories of Your name
                                   G/BYour (143121@7)awesomeness I will proclaim
Am (x02210@1)              DUntil (xx0232@1)You come, until You come and 
G (320003@1)  B/F# (x2444x@1)Em (022000@1) D (xx0232@1)CTake (x32010@1)Your bride away
        G/B (143121@7)         Am (x02210@1)  G/B (143121@7)Like a thief in the night
C (x32010@1)     G/B (143121@7)        AmLike (x02210@1)a thief in the night
        D (xx0232@1)You'll take us away

There is no one that can fill this void 
Like You fill this void in my heart
My life is just a human one 
But You pick me up and call me son
Speak, Lord, I am listening 
Yes, Your child will serve faithfully

Like a thief in the night

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