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G                    C
She said if i ever de ceived her. 
        D                        G
She'd begone before i could count ten. 
Well i guess that i did'nt believe her 
   D                       G
Now Look at the trouble i'm in. 

Well she's gone,gone,gone. 
   D                       G
And cryin' wonn't bring her back 
The longer i cry the faster the train flies  
farther on down the track. 
(2)same pattern 
I lost every right to be happy 
When i lost the heaven i'd found 
She warned me she'd leave and she left me 
Before my first tear hit the ground, 
(repeat chorous) 
And if i only knew how to find her, 
I'd crawl back on my hands and knees. 
Each tick of the clocks a reminder, 
She's one second farther from me. 
(repeat chorous)
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