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    Lenny Kravitz

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The original chords seem to be very simlple, but there are a couple of tricks you can 
learn from this Lenny's video to make it sound more tasty.

Intro: C D G A7 C G

Em                             G
It's barely morning, cars are roaring
The city's moving fast
Em                           G
My momma's calling, but I'm stalling
Living in the past
C                              Am7
It's time to face the world in front of me
And make the best of this reality
C                 D
I'm gonna push my life today
G              A7
Push to make a better way
C                                G
Gonna push 'cause I got to carry on
C                  D
I'm gonna push the clouds away
G             A7
Push so I can see the way
C                              G
Gonna push until I find my way home
Em                                G
The jungle's swarming, beasts are crawling
They're all along my path
Em                        G
But God's adoring love is pouring.
I'm gonna take a bath
C                  Am7
I am swimming in a violent sea
Trying to find out who I'm gonna be
Am                   C
I can feel it come together
I know God has a plan, oh yeah
Am                                C
Oh I see the kingdom through the shadows
But it's all gonna pass
C                         D                       G
I'm gonna push, 'Cause my Lord ain't gonna let it last
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