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A                      A+ 
      It's my party and I'll cry if I want to 
       D                Dm 
      Cry if I want to, cry if I want to 
      A      F#m      Bm         E           A    D   A    E 
        You would cry too if it happened to you  

 Verse 1: 
       A                     C 
      Nobody knows where my Johnny has gone 
           A                  D 
      But Judy left the same time 
       F          A 
      Why was he holding her hand 
           B7                   E 
      When he's supposed to be mine 
{repeat Chorus} 
Verse 2: 
      Play all my records, keep dancing all night 

      But leave me alone for a while 

      'Til Johnny's dancing with me 

      I've got no reason to smile 
{repeat Chorus} 
{instrumental break over Chorus chords (substitute 
F# for F#m ) 
Verse 3: 
      Judy and Johnny just walked through the door 
      Like a queen and her king 
      Oh, what a birthday surprise 
      Judy's wearing his ring 
{repeat Chorus; fade 2nd time}
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