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Verse 1:

D                       A
Don't hang up, can we talk
G                 A
So confused, it's like I'm lost
D                          A
What went wrong, what made you go
G                    A
Don't pretend you don't know
G               A                       D
This is me, I'm unchangeable
D                  A
When did we fall apart
G                    A
Or did you lie from the start
D                      A
When you said it's only you
G                A
I was blind, such a fool
G                           A                D
Thinking we were unbreakable

              G          A                     D
It was you and me against the world
                    G         A                   D
And you promised me forevermore
             D7                      G
Was it something that i said?
              A                         D
Was it something that I did?
                 D7                      G           A          D
Cause I gotta know what made me unbeautiful.
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