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    Is This Art

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I don't consider myself anything more than a competent guitarist, so it's rare when I see that a song I 
is not posted, so here goes.

The intro and between verse part is merely a hard Em/C strum, four measures per.  If you know the song, 
know the rhythm.

Verse 1, also mostly alternating Em/C

(Em)They took me to the battlefield (C)and I saw the mushroom cloud and said
(Em)I can see the colors even (C) when my head is bowed.
(Em)They showed me the destruction, the (C) slaughter a la carte.
(Am)And isn't nature wonderful? (G)(D)but is this (Em) art?

Verse 2,

They took me to the hospital and they pulled aside the sheet and said
"Can you hear it pulsating, man? Just listen to the beat"
They showed me the incision, they took away the heart
and isn't nature wonderful? but is this art?

Verse 3,

They took me to the scientist and they opened up a vial and said
"This is only chicken pox and rhino bile"
they showed me what it did to mice, and this is just the start.
And isn't nature wonderful? But is this art?

Verse 4, (slower)

They brought me to the tenement and they kicked down the door and said
Can you see the copulation as practiced by the poor?
We select the ones to breed now, and we reject the part
And isn't nature wonderful? But is this art?

(More wild Em/C strumming, two verses worth, played with much anger.
ending with)

And isn't nature wonderful? But is this art?
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