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    Just The One

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    Just the One

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Just The One Tab by Levellers

Hey well my first tab so here it goes. I had to work this out a couple of weeks ago as
band wanted to cover the song, i think its pretty accurate:)

This is actually played on a banjo a 12-string Guitar or something but heres the tune
standard guitar. This version is in the key of Eb and i think it is in key with the recording.
(1)                            (2)

Play: (1), (1), (2).
The same melody line is repeated throught the song, only sped up to faster tempos as the
Just listen to the track to work out timing and phrasing.

For chordal accompaniment stick a capo on at the 3rd fret and mess about using key of C
(i.e. C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am and Bdiminished positions)  until you get a harmony you like.
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