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    The Players

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The Players Chords by Levellers

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Date: Mon, 8 Apr 96 10:45 SAT
From: ubvchile@reuna.cl (Cooperacion Tecnica Sueca)

The Player by the Levellers
>From the album The Levellers

verse is just G and C like this:
G        C             G       C                 G            C 
   There isn't much to gain by living it all the same way the years...

The same rhythm all the way until the chorus:

G        C             G               F
She came up to me said    wanna know a mystery
G                             C                   G             F
theres a whole wide world for you to see your the player in the game

The G C G F are also used under the instrumental parts

I use Cadd9 (x32033) to simplify it even more.

Thats all I think. Corrections are welcome.
Manuel Zanzi (ubvchile@reuna.cl)
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