• Song:

    Together All The Way

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Drunk In Public 1

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Awesome song.  anyway here you go...

Intro - E5 D5 . -  as fiddle plays over..

            E5     D5      E5                            D5           C5
You taste a drink in your home town, you smile for the things you know,
      E5    D5        C5      E5                 D5        C5    E5             
thats when you were playin, games you couldnt hope to play, games you 
         D5       C5       G5
couldnt hope to play, today..

But dare you look to the future,
You see the pages turned today,
your hope for tomorow, is to smile anyway
aw smile anyway.. today

          C5  D5     E5           C5   D5    E5       C5      G5
But dont pray to a god, coz were in this together all the way,
         E5          D5                  C5             D5   
from the old to the young and from the cradle to the grave,
C5    D5    E5                  C5   D5     E5   C5       G5
look to yourself. coz theres plenty of wealth in us all,
       E5             D5               C5             D5       
If we fight the good fight then were gonna have to fall... hey!
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