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    Do The Coral

  • Artist:


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intro:   A5 / F5 / A5 / F5    2x

first part:

A5 / F5 / A5 /  F5
 C5 / G5 / F5
A5 / F5 / A5 / F5 / E5

(... and when i'm down...)

A5 / F5 / A5 /  F5   2x
 C5 / G5 / F5
A5 / F5 / A5 / F5 / E5 / F5 / E5
/ F5 / E5

repeat first part (instrumental)

third part:

(... are you still talking to all of those dead filmstars....)
E5 / A5 / D5 (repeat.... until....)

fourth part:

(...new love grows on trees...)
G5 / A5 / E5
 B5       G5 *(244322 or 242322)   D5         F#5
Do you remember when, your seed turned to leaves
            B5                   G5 *         D5               F#5
and they were storming round my head, you said your better off dead
          G5 *           F#5           G5 *               F#5
But I ain't going down like that, no I ain't going down like that
          B5                         G5 *                     D5 
Because I'm better than him and I know where I been and I know where I'm coming from
        B5               G5 *              D5                    F#5
If a lie is a sin, don't we all sin, that is the truth and the truth it is grim
      B5           G5 *            D5              F#5
Now he's in jail, (.......... bail, fathers stuck with his crooked tail)
  B5            G5 *   D5  F#5
And he points to the west (........)
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