• Song:

    Am I Ever Gonna Find Out

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  • Album:

    Stanley Climbfall (No W...

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Lifehouse-Am I ever gonna find out
Tabbed by-kobe885@netzero.com
This is my interpretation of the song, it sounds close enough.  
If you know the song, then play the chords with the rhythm. I'm still working
on the solo, I'll add it when its figured out

Am 002210
Em 022000
G  320002  
C  032010                    

 Am          Em      G                C            Am
Silence is golden, but I think it's gonna kill me now

Am            Em      G                C
Everything I've seen, Never seem to feel me now

Am      Em              G                    C     
No one told me that the world could fall through yeah


Am           Em          G          C
In between this, am I gonna find a way

Am         Em        G             C
To defeat this living inside yesterday

Am       Em           G               C
I'm alive but I think it's time to live, like I am

Am      Em    G      Em    
Am I ever gonna find it,  

Am      Em     G      Em   
Am I ever gonna find it,

Am      Em     G      Em   
Am I ever gonna find out

Am            Em          G                      C
Patience can wait for now   I think I waited for too long

Am          Em            G                     C
You always gave a choice  And the right to be wrong

Am        Em             G                         C
All my life has been slippin' through your hands yeah

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