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    Everythin Acousitc

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hey guys, man   so many people posted this tab... i tried to play thers with the c# 
but i have fat fingers (ha) so heres is this beautiful song 1000000x easyer than they made 
but just as great..... all comments welcome...my 1st tab!

MUST READ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
arite dont laff but i do not know the names of one chord.. truth is its 2am and monster 
only goes so far.ha  just picked around till i got it    i know 1 is em7 were gunna call 
other 1 em7m

this tab is ment to be lower.. the only version i ever heard was the one to the drama on 
rite with his voice then..

chord #1:em7 ==>------------E      chor#2 em7m(ha)---------E---|thenjustCandG
         middle --2---------.....           ring  --3----------|
         ring   --2---------              middle  --2----------|
                ------------                      -------------|
        pinky   --3---------             pinky    --3----------|
                ------------e                     -------------|e


INTRO: em7   /   em7m    /   em7   / em7m     (x4)

Verse 1

   Em7         em7m
      Find me here,

   Em7       em7m
      Speak To Me.

   Em7          em7m
      i want to feel you,

   Em7          em7m
      I want to hear you.

   Em7            em7m
      You are the light

   Em7               em7m
      That's leading me.

  Em7        em7m
     Too the place

  Em7             em7m    E       Em7 em7m
     Where I find peace    Again

Verse 2: (same chord progression)

You are the strength, that keeps me walking
You are the hope, that keeps me trusting
You are the life, to my soul
You are my purpose
Youre everything


Em7             em7m               G
   And  How can I stand Here with you,
  and not be moved by you
Em7              em7m             G
  Could you tell me, how could it be
  Any better than this

Verse 3:

you calm the storms, you give me rest
you hold me in your hands, you wont let me fall
you still my heart, and you take my breath away,
would you take me in
would you take me deeper now

Chorus (x2)

Bridge: Strum for this
Cause youre all I want
youre all i need
youre everything
                    Em7              em7m            G          D
          outro:x2  nna na na na na. na na na na na. anaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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