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    You Belong To Me

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song: you belong to me
artist: lifehouse
cd: shrek soundtrack

tunning: capo 6
notes: listen to the song to get the exact timing down for the notes.  and 
it's not as complicated as it looks.  :)
this isn't the exact version of what he's playing, that's really hard to get, but just do what you want.  this is how i play it.  :)

any questions/comments - ilovemusicx@aol.com

chords used:
C  - x32010 
Em - 022000
F  - 133211 (bar)
Fm - 133111 (bar)
G? - 020010
G  - 320003
D  - xx0232
C7 - x32030


(intro & verse)

    C           Em        F   (Fm)     C                  

    F      Fm  C   G?  Am       D         G       C

*(during verse 1, you play a D instead of the last C)

(verse 1)
C                      Em
  i see the pyramids around the nile

F                                C
  i watch the sunrise from the tropic isle

F             Fm             C   G?  Am              
  and just remember darlin' all the while
D        G      D*
  you belong to me

(verse 2)
C                           Em
  i see the marketplace in old algiers

F                              C
  you send me photographs and souviners

F            Fm              C   G? Am
  and just remember when a dream appears

D        G      C
  you belong to me

     C           C7      F        
and i'll be so alone without you

D                          G
maybe you'll be lonesome too

(verse 3)
C                       Em
  i fly the ocean in a silver plane

F                            C
  i see the jungle and it's wet with rain

F            Fm                  C   G? Am
  and just remember till you're home again

D        G      C
  you belong to me

(play the intro)


(verse 3)


any questions/comments :) - xstandclimbfall@aol.com
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