• Song:

    Lets Go

  • Artist:

    Lil John

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Band [lil' John]
Song [Let's Go]
Tabbed By; Bryan Cremeans [Pure Metal]
I normally don't do rap but i had to do this song
it's basically "Crazy Train" By Ozzy
But the solo is differen't
   Main Riff                         Solo
e----------------------------   e------9-----10-----9--77---------------
B----------------------------   B--77-----7------7---------1010--9-7-5--
G------------------77--------   G---------------------------------------
D--44--77--22--44--77--22--44   D---------------------------------------
A--44--77--22--44--55--22--44   A---------------------------------------
E--22--55--00--22------00--22   E---------------------------------------
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