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Inside The Hollow
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: Ab, B

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Ab -  466544
C# -  x46664
E -   022100
Eb -  x68886
Abm - 466444
B -   x24442
Bb -  x13331
A -   x02220
F# -  244322

Intro: Ab--C#--Ab--E-Eb- x2

Verse 1:
Ab    C#                Ab
  I'm walking down the street
    E       Eb
I'm feeling kind of beat
Ab     C#         Ab      E Eb
  From dragging myself to nowhere
Ab          C#            Ab
  Would you wanna hold my hand?
       E        Eb    Ab
No you wouldn't understand
         C#      Ab
Blame it on society 
        E     Eb
no ones good enough

Abm E        B       Bb    A
   I saw the sun die black out
Abm   E       B      Bb    A
   All of you people watch out
Abm    E        B        Bb A
   Stay for the weekend, we can
Abm     E        B         Bb A    
   Hide til this all blows o--ver rise

Interlude: G#--C#--G#--E-Eb-

Verse 2:
Ab  C#            Ab
  I saw you yesterday but you 
E          Eb    Ab
turned the other way
         C#             Ab
How's it going should I say?
       E        Eb      Ab
Yeah I know you know my name
          C#               Ab
Won't you come in for some tea?
       E     Eb       Ab
We can talk about the world
how it's all made up 
    Ab        E Eb
you see Who's l-ying?

(Repeat Chorus)

        Abm E B
We will rise
Bb A    Abm E B Bb A
We will rise

Won't you take me
mold me break me?
E              F#
No more faking take 
me somewhere real
  Where I can feel feel

Guitar Solo: E--F#--E--F#-A--G#m--E--B--Bb-A

(Repeat Chorus)

Abm E   B Bb A
   I saw
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