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Artist: Limp Bizkit
Song: My Generation
Album: chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavored water

G |---------------------------||----------------------------|
D |---------------------------||----------------------------|
A |--2h4--2h4--6-6-6-7--------||--2h4--2h4--6-6-6/7----------|
E |---------------------------||----------------------------|  (x4)

G |-----------------------------|
D |-----------------------------|
A |--66-77---------66-77--------|
E |-----------6-----------6-----| (x4)

end chorus
G |-----------------||--------------|
D |-----------------||--------------|
A |--4-4-0p4/7------||--4-4/7-------|
E |-----------------||--------------|  (x2)

Vers            (x1 plus the first half)
Chorus         (x4)
End Chorus  (First Half three times, then second half one time)
Vers           (x3)

Interlude   (I think Sam starts when Fred scream Waaa!!!)
G |------------------------------------------------------------------
D |-------0-7-9-8-10-------------------0-7-9-8-10--------------------
A |--7-9---------------9-11-10---7-9----------------9-8/10-----------
E |------------------------------------------------------------------    (x4)

End Chorus   (x2)
Vers             (x3)

G |------------------------------------|
D |--------------3-------------4-------|
A |--3-5-4-5-4-3---3-4-5-3-5-4---------|
E |------------------------------------|



2:     let the note ring
~2    vibrate the note
?3    vibrate the note up and down
2/~  vibrate the note when pulling it up or down
/     pull it up or down
3h4  hammer on from note 3 too 4
5p4  pull off from note 5 too 4
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