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song : My Way (4 string)
Artist : Limp Bizkit
Album : Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog flavoured Water
Author : Martin Walters

Tuning : Standard E A D G

(hit on second special...repeat x 4)

G ---------------16------11-------------------16------11--
D --------------14------9------------------14-------9-----
A -4-44-4-44---12------7----4-44-4-44---12--------7-------
E --------------------------------------------------------

(not certain of chorus riffs, please suggest..here's the famous 

interlude...repeat x 2)

G ------------------------8-----------11------------------
D ----------------------6-------9---9--------11-----------
A -4---------7--------4-------7---7--------9--------------
E ------5---------7---------5------------7----------------

I really want one of Sam's 5 string bass, the lights are sooo 
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