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Little birdy is an Australian four piece band with Katy Steele as the lead singer.
They released their album Big big love in 2001 with beautiful to me, come on little
heartbreaker the biggest hits.  These songs were played regularly on triple J.

Song: Beautiful to me
Artist: Little Birdy
Album: Big, big love

Gday..... just four chords thats it, standard tuning:

C, Am9, Fm9, G

C                    Am        Fm                  G                        Am           
            Fm9     G
Go ahead dont go, dont leave my open arms all warm and o i dont know if your here for me.
C                     Am           Fm                      G              Am            
O look the after noon is the only place where you and i belong, your mine forever and a day

C                           Am            G
Your beautiful, your beautiful to me
C                            Am           G
Your beautiful, your beautiful to me

           Fm   Am   G
And its love, love, love that is here with me
Fm   Am      G      C
Oh,     oh,    oh,    oh,
Fm    Am    G      C
Oh,     oh,    oh,     oh...........

Song progression:
Verse, chorus, Verse, chorus, bridge, Verse, chorus (fade out)

Great song.

Good luck
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