• Song:

    Violence Out Tonight

  • Artist:

    Little Comets

  • Album:

    Jennifer and Other Shor...

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Violence out Tonight – Little Comets

The strumming pattern is pretty complicated for this and your gunna have to work it out 
from the song – sorry guys.

There are 7 chords used in this song which are F#m, Am, Bm, C#m, D (A string base), C#m 
(A string base) and Bm (A string base).

Throughout the song they go:

F#m / Am / Bm / C#m / Am    All first section sliding up, then:

D / C#m / Bm / [open strum]    and then roughly repeats all through the song.

Hope this was helpful although a little hard to explain – but I'm sure you'll get it!
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