• Song:

    So Long

  • Artist:

    Little Red

  • Album:

    Listen to Little Red

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Little Red - So Long


C Am Em F G

Verse 1

C             Am
"Mud(?) drags on"

       Em             F   G
"And I waste away the day"

        C        Am
"In the quiet of dawn"

   Em              F   G
"I kneel alone and pray"


       F            G
"But a man can only wait"


    C    E   F   G               C    E   F   G
"So lo-o-o-o-ooo-ong, waitin' so lo-o-o-o-ooo-ong"

Verse 2

          C      Am
"Then one day, I'll see you"

          Em               F   G
"When the ship comes in at last"

       C             Am
"And I wait from the shoreline"

             E             F   G
"'til you're free from the mast"


Chorus x2
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