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Live ? Birds of Pray Album

Transcribed by Chris Woodham: chris.Woodham@xtra.co.nz
I don't have the album so some lyris may not be correct, but they sound right.

Tune down ? step: Eb, Ab, C#, F#, Bb, Eb

Chords written as played, actual tone is 1 semi tone lower.

[Verse 1]
C#m7          A               B               A      
     You don?t need no friends, get back your faith again
C#m7             A           B    A      
     You have the power to beli - eve
C#m7          A        B               A      
      Another dissident, take back your evidence
C#m7          A            B   A      
     It has no power to dec - eive

F#   Ab   A       Ab     F#      Ab      A
     I believe it when I see it for my ? se ? lf

E                    B                    C#m7
     I don?t need no-one to tell me ?bout Heaven
             A                  E
I look in my daughter, and I believe
                B                      C#m7 
I don?t need no proof when it comes to God and Truth
              A                      (C#m7)
I can see the sunset, and I perceive (it)

[Verse 2]
        A               B                A
Sit with them all night, everything they say is right
C#m7            A                 B      A
     But in the morning they were wrong
C#m7               A            B             A
     I?ll be right by your side, come hell or water high
C#m7           A                 B      A
      Down any road you choose to run

[Pre-Chorus, Chorus]


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