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HOW FISHES PLAY [http://submode.com/fishes/]
Song: Selling the Drama
Performed by: LIVE
Album: Throwing Copper
Tabbed by: Nate Gagne (nate_gagne@golden_bbs.mv.com)
Modified by: Sebastian R?nnlund (sebbe@submode.com)

Ab|--2^3-(2)0--| (Intro)

G      D (Dsus4) G
And to love:     a god
       D (Dsus4) Em
And to fear:     a flame
       Bm7       Cadd9
And to burn:     a crowd that has a name


G      D (Dsus4) G
And to right     or wrong
       D (Dsus4) Em
And to meek      or strong
      Bm7        Cadd9
It is known      just scream it from the wall



(it's up to you if you want to play the chords or the picking on this part,
there are actually three guitars in this song)

     D            D            D          D         
I've willed, I've walked, I've read, I've talked,
  D       D          D
I know, I know, I've been there before

Em  A                Em     A
Hey, now we won't be raped
Hey, now we won't be scarred like that 
Hey, we won't be raped
    A            Cadd9
Hey, we won't be scarred like that


G        D (Dsus4) G
It's the sun       that burns
         D (Dsus4) Em
It's the wheel     that turns
         Bm7       Cadd9
It's the way       we sing that makes 'em dream

G      D (Dsus4) G
And to Christ:   a cross
       D (Dsus4) Em
And to me:       a chair
       Bm7              Cadd9
I will sit and earn the ransome from up here

I've willed...
Hey, now we won't be raped...
            Dsus2   Esus2   Dsus2   Csus2
Scared like that

[G]  [D]([Dsus4])  [G] (2x)

And to love...
I willed...
Hey, now we won't be raped...

Em          A
We won't be scarred like that
We won't be scarred like that

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