Sofia by Live - Songs from Black Mountain

Standard Tuning 

Chord used in order of appearence:

         E A D G B E

A#m   |  6 8 8 6 6 6 

D#m   |  x 6 8 8 7 6 

B     |  x 2 4 4 4 2

F#    |  2 4 4 3 2 2

C#    |  x 4 6 6 6 4

(Note: Listen to the recording to get the strumming pattern)

  Bbm   Bbm  Ebm   Ebm   

  Bbm   Bbm  Ebm   Ebm   

Verse 1:

Bbm                                  Bbm      
   Diamonds and pearls don't move this girl

              Ebm                     Ebm
She could be icy cold to the crawl

Bbm                                  Bbm
   One of her lungs breathes in another world

          Ebm                              Ebm
While the other sticks around to blow you off

Bbm                               Bbm
   Even when the four winds blow, she kinda passes by

                Ebm                            Ebm
 like she don't feel it, no mama she don't feel it

Bbm                              Bbm 
   One of these days I'm gonna dive into her waves and

  Ebm                                   Ebm
  bring back the meaning of it all


  B      F#              C#             Ebm
Sofia, I need ya, like a junkie needs a vein

            B         C#             C#               Ebm
And I wanna feel ya, Sofia,  fallin' down on me like rain

Verse 2:

They say in Ancient times, man, that women ruled the World
That the Goddess was the one who laid it down
Well, I got me a woman as alive as the day
Gonna breathe a whisper, knock you right down to the ground

So go ahead, man, and say what you came to say
"The black widow's a spider, the black widow's a spider"
Then go and prepare for your dying day
Won't take one minute 'til you're curled up dead beside her
Oh yeah!

Repeat Chorus


  Same chords as intro/verses

Repeat Chorus
(Repeat Chorus chords/pattern w/altered lyrics:

  Sofia, I need ya, like a freeloaded needs his train
  And I wanna feel ya, Sofia, fallin' down on me like rain... oh...

  Sofia, rain down on me, and I ain't never, I'll never be the same
  I wanna feel ya, Sofia, fallin' down on me like rain

  (Note: Hold chord and fade out)
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