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C                   Am7                E               F

C                       Am7                E               F

(through verses, repeat the intro or play the chords)

C    G  E              F
Anyone, caught in your mystery
Keep it angry, keep it whispy
I've fallen down, drunk on your juices


C            Em
Turn my head
Turn my head
G             F
it's aimed at you


C     G       E             F
Funky temple, your dress is torn to shreds
Your eyes are crazy, I bowed to save my head and
I can't forget you, but I can't remember

Turn my head... (2x)

E                 F            E
Oh no, we came to love you all day
These bastards are leavin' somebody's got to stay
E           F                       G
Whatever we called you, it's just a name, just a name

[C]  [Em]  [Am]  [G]  [F]

Turn my head..
Turn my head..

[F]  [C]
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