• Song:

    Black Buzz

  • Artist:

    Lotus Plaza

  • Album:

    Spooky Action at a Dist...

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(All chords except for E are Barred) 
(*Hammer on G\3rd string)

A                        F#m
Driving the Street, 
              E                               Bb                        A                
the same roads leading you each night
                F#m                          E(hold)
the darker it gets the faster you drive 

A                                        F#m
       The Secrets you Keep
           E                                   Bb
but the answers that you give are lies
A                              F#m
a white-knuckle wheel
and glassy eyes

              B                        F#m        
And you burn all your satellites
          A                                      E*
Black Buzz come dance with you tonight
          B                               F#m
"once was" becomes a "never will"
               A                                    E*(hold)
draw the shades down to the window sill. 

From then on the verse and chrorus chords are the same. The coda\outro\etc has the 
same chords as the chorus.
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