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You got a grown man for a boyfriend,
         C                            G
So you better treat him just like a baby.
         D                       C 
 He's a saint on Sunday, he's a bum on Monday;
       D                         C
The rest of the week he's just crazy.

He's unpredictable, like an animal,
              C                           G
Proud as an eagle, big and strong like a bear;
          D                       C
He's a snake and a frog, he's a pig and a dog;
     C                                  D
There's a menagerie that's living in there.

You'll be his princess--forever after, yes--
             C                        G    
If you keep acting like you're always sixteen.
            D                              C
He is the king, ruling the kingdom's his thing;
      c                        D  (don't you forget it)
Just remember his mother is queen.

interlude  A-----D--A E D----E You can pick these chords however you like.

Sometimes he fools around when he goes out of town
               D                         A
But sooner or later he's bound to get caught.
 E                      D   
He loves coming home, but then he has to roam;
    D                              E
Mr. Ambivalence is the guy that you've got.

He's got some problems--no, you can't solve them--
        D                         A
He's got some goblins he can't exorcise.
          E                             D 
 Mostly he wants to cry, he's afraid to die,
D                                        E
But he's living life like it's a booby prize.

He wishes he were young, a little better hung,
      D                            A
And he's paranoid you feel that way too;
     E                            D
So reassure him, you'll never cure him,
D                                     E
But he still needs his daily dose of you.

Repeat Chorus..... to end
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