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Sweet and melancholy song. Listen to it to get the strum. My first tab. 
Corrections are welcome,enjoy!

Capo I

G                                               G
Some think a fancy funeral will be worth every cent
 G                 C                        C
But every dime or nickel is money better spent
C                   G                       G
Better spent on groceries or covering the bills
G                     C        Em             G
Instead of little luxuries and unnecessary frills

G                                        G
Lovely yellow daffodils and lacy pillow fringe
   G            C                     C
Pretty little angels for everyone to see
C              G                     G
Lily of the valley and long black limousines
G                            C           Em                     G
It's three or four months' salaries just to pay for all those things


G                                                       G
So don't buy a fancy funeral, it's not worth it in the end
G                      C                                     C
Goodbyes can still be beautiful without the money that you spend
  C                     G                                    G
There's no amount of riches that will bring back what you've lost
G                 C        Em      (NC)         G
To satisfy your wishes, no way to justify the cost

(Tabbed by Marc Gaudette- omgaud@hotmail.com)
October 26, 2008
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