• Song:

    Always Something

  • Artist:

    Lucy Woodward

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Lucy is a newer artist; I have never been able to find any of her tabs online,
so I figured I'd PUT them online!  Enjoy!

ARTIST: Lucy Woodward
SONG: Always Something
DATE: September 20th, 2004

Intro: C   Bb C  x 2 

C                     G       Bb              F  
 Sometimes when you're lying beside me, In your eyes I see
C                     G              Bb                  F                   
 I don't know but it's something it's something, And it's trippin' me up again
C                                  G                  Bb
 It's like you're here but you're not here, I need to know where
But you won't let me go there
C                        G              Bb       F 
 Always telling me it's nothing it's nothing

               E   F
Well I had a vision
                 E      F 
Of a lover in my best friend
                    E     F
It's not like me to question


C                G                   Bb
Something always gets in between, It twists and it turns
You know that it seems to me
C          G
  Latey I'm so unsure
   Bb                 F
I can't put my finger on it on it
C                G       
  Stange feeling ripping at
 the seams
      Bb                 F
And I've never heard the sound of my heart 
Like this before
    Bb                               F
Before there was always something


Think back on the days when
We were falling
It was so good then
Never worried 'bout a thing, no nothing
Well it's funny how things* change
Now a cold wind is blowin'
And I was hoping it's not the start of a bitter end
Could it be that your something
In someone else

       E       F
Only time will tell
            E           F
I thought I knew me so well
                 E              F
I shouldn't put me through this hell


Bb                  Ab             C
Something's always getting in between 
Bb              Ab               C
And it's always rippin' at the seams
Bb                 Ab               E   F
Something's always messing with my vision
                           E      F
It's not like me to question


Exit: C   G  Bb  F   (x 6)

C'mon C'mon C'mon C'mon C 'mon C'mon
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Before there was always something
Ooh oohahhh
Before there was always something
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