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Such As It Ends
You're Awful, I Love You

A                          Bm
I've been losing sleep for days

F#m                               E
You've been searching through the deserts and the caves

A                        Bm
Your postcards hit me in waves

F#m                    E
Sadly stinging me with songs from yesterday

F#m             A     D            Bm                   F#m
Love such as it ends, breaking the hearts that wouldn't bend

F#m        E                        D
Closes the doors you used to listen through

F#m             A     D        Bm                 F#m
Love such as it ends, into the flames we'll start again

F#m        E                D
And in the end I'll be with you

A                       E         E7       F#m
I've been vacant for so long, but you were there

F#m         E
You look so tired

E        D                            Bm
Now just please, love, let me take it on my shoulders

    E                A
And we might make it home

{Second verse} 
You've been burning up for days
trying to gather all the figures in the clay.
You know they can't all be saved.
Leave the weak ones, find a modicum of shade

And just repeat the chorus!
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