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Capo 2

D                            Asus4
It took me and four of my buddies
          Em                      G
Half the night to pull out my truck
    D                             Asus4
I stood there and proclaimed to everybody 
         Em                             G
It's the last time I'll mess with this mud
The boys they all grinned
And two nights from then


NC        D                            Asus4
I did it again just one more time
    Em                                  G
Even I swore that I'd lost my mind
                    D                      Asus4
But I turned right around and just like a fool
         Em                     G
Did what any old country boy'd do
NC        D
I did it again

I took my first sip of cold beer
And tried not to spit it back up
I set it back down on that tailgate
Told myself I'd had enough
Then like a real man
I took hold of that can, and 


        D                       Asus4
I guess I'm a slow learner, I ought to know better
         Em                G           D
Than to do what I do, but I ain't no quitter

The other night we got a little rowdy
I woke up with one eye swole shut
Yeah things got out of hand at that party
I said that's it, it's 'bout time I grow up
But that next weekend, I called all my friends and

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