• Song:

    Off You Go Away

  • Artist:

    Lunatic Asylum

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  B5            B5              B5
We’re sad that you’re nearly gone
  G5            G5              G5
When was it last that you, left, some-one
  Ab5           Ab5             Ab5
Was it a nice feeling or such a disgrace
  F#5           F#5             F#5              A5
When you saw you’re portrait with their look upon your face

  A5         A5
And off you away
  B5         B5
It’s not a nice feeling
  G5         G5
In fact it’s a pain
  Eb5        Eb5
And when you last left
  Eb5        A5
Did it start to rain?

Verse From here verse and end are the same as the intro but play the chorus the same.

You were such a great teacher
such a great friend.
You helped us out if our lives went round the bend
Was it not last year when we saw you last
but now, we can’t rely on the past



It's such a nice day 
to say good bye 
to let you fly
to make me cry
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