• Song:

    Why Do I Lie

  • Artist:

    Luscious Jackson

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Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 00:06:24 -0700
From: J F F 
Subject: l/luscious_jackson/why_do_i_lie.crd

Artist: Luscious Jackson (Cunniff)
Song: Why Do I Lie?
Album: Fever In Fever Out (Good Will Hunting Sndtrk.)

Tabbed by Justin Fitzgerald 

I'm pretty sure these are the right chords.  But correct me otherwise...

  E      Eb      C#      B
--7--  --6--   --4--   --7--|
--9--  --8--   --6--   --7--|
--9--  --8--   --6--   --8--|
--9--  --8--   --6--   --9--|
--7--  --6--   --4--   --9--|
--x--  --x--   --x--   --7--|

E  Eb  E  Eb  E  Eb  C#  (x2)

Verse 1:
        E          Eb
I would love to be better
        E          Eb
I would love to be free
        E          Eb
I would love to be perfect
when you look at me

    E                Eb
But instead I'm still cryin'
    E                Eb
yes instead I'm still lyin'
    E                Eb
sad to say I'm still tryin'
not to be me

       E           B
When I see all the weakness
       E           B
that I turned into sickness
        E           Eb
I still think I can slide
just fine on the ice

         E          Eb
It's not easy to be honest
    E              Eb
sometimes I'm just astonished
   E            Eb        C#
how hard it can be to be true

E        B
Why do I lie?
      E           B
Is it just to get by
     E          B
If I give up my lines
will I die?

   E            B
If fortunes are favored
     E       B
then I am in labor
        E         B
and I'm tryin' so hard
to leave lyin' behind

Verse 2:
        E          Eb
I don't want to be hazy
        E              Eb
I don't think that I'm crazy
    E             Eb
but I've had some moments
where I am not sure

       E        Eb
and if you can forgive me
    E          Eb
for just being human
     E          Eb
then I will try harder
to keep my words pure

  E               B
I could be on the border
         E       B
It could be a disorder
    E          Eb
but honestly I think
that I can come clean

    E         Eb
and all of my stories
      E       Eb
might even be boring
   E          Eb
If I can tell you
what they all mean

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