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From: Lee Eugene T 

"Light From a Dead Star"


Am             C
He lives his life
       F             Dm
in a world full of women
Am                     C
And he takes what he wants
            F           Dm             Am
from their love And he throws the rest away

   C                G
I cling to him and pray
      Dm            Am
But still he slips away
     C                 F
And now it's just too late
     Dm     G       Am
To wish him back again

(same as 1st)
She won't put up with this life
so she leaves him
And she finds someone else, falls in love
And she travels far away

(same as 2nd)
I say that it's ok
And swallow all my pain
And now it's just too late
To wish her back again

(same as 1st)
They left me here on my own in a nightmare
And I just can't forgive anymore
So I smile and turn away

(same as 2nd)
Don't listen when they say
They wish I could stay
And now it's just too late
To wish me back again


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