• Song:

    Old School

  • Artist:

    Lyfe Jennings

  • Album:

    Lyfe Change

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Lady Longting AND Lil' Afro


           AmI (x02210@1)got this old school, the color of soul food
            DmCandied (xx0231@1)Yam racing strips, pipes potato white
            AmCornbread (x02210@1)interior trimmed in collard greens
         DmAir (xx0231@1)freshner smell like chicken and pork and beans [x2]

           Am (x02210@1)    
I work the grave yard shift cause I'm dead on my feet ya'll
       Dmreally (xx0231@1)want to quit but the kids got to eat ya'll
    AmSee (x02210@1)money can't buy you power
                   Dmbut (xx0231@1)it can pay the water bill on time so them kids can take a shower
      AmAnd (x02210@1)I swear to GOD, if they keep on raising these gas prices
DmI'mma (xx0231@1)sell this Chevy and go buy me a bike
      AmI'm (x02210@1)a King, but my crown in a lay-way
    DmAnd (xx0231@1)I'm just a day away from giving up.

[CHORUS x2] 

Credit card company called said my bill is overdue
Told them I couldn't afford to pay them and rent too
They told me they were gonna sue me
I said if you didn't want me to use it then you shouldn't have gave it to me.
And what's up with these people blowing up buildings
And nothing really gangsta about blowing up children
Would cry, but my eyes in a lay way and I just a day away from giving up.


[Snoop Dogg]
Foreign places, court cases
Seems they always on my line
I don't trip, I just dip
Pop the top on my 69
Fleetwood, Cadillac
mirror with my Boys on back
Chandelier so superior
Louis Vitton, oatmeal interior
Bossy Boss, mink seats, what it cost
Speak yo peace, can't you see ain't no big deal
have a seat lil homie and enjoy your meal
Close the door and don't drop crumbs on my flo'
Here we go, soul food, so cool, and i got this.....

[CHORUS x2] 

Lyfe, Big Snoop, Soul Food, oh I got this greenery cause
we need some vegetables too, gotta have you vegetables
that's what it is old school, soul food
old school, soul food

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