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  • Artist:

    Lynni Treekrem

  • Album:

    Ut I Vinden

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Artist: The Shods
Song: Mexico
Album: Thanks For Nuthin?

Use major bar chords throughout this song. 
    A B E G

He locks the exit door. He locks the entrance door

It?s Friday night and he is closing out the register.
         G                                  E
And he knows there?s ten-thousand bucks or more.
He takes a look around. He paces up and down.
He?s goin? round and round and round and round and round and rpund.
         G                                   E
And he knows he could just walk through the door.

Pre Chorus:
B                                G
But down in the city where the people meet
            B                       G                     
He?s got a bag load of money on a crowded street and he knows
B                      G   
He?s no dummy and he knows to well
B                        G
A life in a prison is a life in hell

                A            B
So down In Mexico, Well he goes
    G                        E
And no ones gonna find him. No one
             A            B
Down in mexico. Well he goes.
    G               E        A   E A
And no ones gonna find him again.
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