• Song:

    Four Walls Of Raiford

  • Artist:

    Lynyrd Skynyrd

  • Album:


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Lynyrd Skynyrd - 

Intro:    D A  G                                                

Now these four walls of Raiford closing in on me.
       A                           G         D 
Doing three to five hard labor for armed robbery.
I put two years well behind me, but I could not wait the time
         A                                          G     D 
For everytime I thought about it, Lord I died some more inside.

And they put stripes on my back.  Memories of hurt.
             A                              G        D
And the only time I seen sunshine is when I shoveled dirt.
Digging ditches on the chain gain and sleeping in the holes.
     A                                          G     D
Oh Lord, please forgive me because I could not wait paroll.

 D             G 
And I'm coming home to see my Jesus.
Lord, it feels so close this time.
                       A                                D 
Please have mercy on a soldier from the Georgia-Florida mines.
When they find me they must kill me.
          A                                     G 
Oh Jesus save my soul.  I can't go back down to Raiford.
I can't take that anymore.

When Vietnam was over there was no work here for me.
                A                        G       D
I had a hungry wife and children that I had to feed.
Now they say I'm guilty, when they find me I must die.
             A                       G       D
Only me and Jesus know that I never stole a dime.

These last few years behind me, Lord they've been so sad.
          A                                    G     D
I fought proudly for my country when the times were bad.
And when they find me and kill me, yes when they shoot me down.
               A                         G            D
Won't you fly old glory proudly with my medals on the ground.

Chorus 2x

Tag: I can't go back down to raiford, I can't take that anymore.
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