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Future Reflections

Tabbed by Sam Kurcab

Not so sure about these chords but I got too frustrated so I decided just to

And there were future reflections
On the face and the hands
On a green colored island
On a primitive man
It was the future reflected
It felt familiar but new
A street was missing a building
The kids had something to do
 A                         B
There was a feeling the spirit was leaving
Red like a marker
 D                A
So my tribe, with my knife
 C                            G
Cut the heart from a lonely life

 A                    C
I saw patterns on floorboards
 A                       G
Deep in the dust was a leader
 A                         C
Someone was walking on floorboards
 A                        G
Turned them from oak to cedar
 A                   C
He can assess the situation
 A                             G
I wrapped a string around my finger
 A                         C
Into the forest with the young ones
 A                       G
I don't expect to be a winner
 A                  B
But as long as you feel it
I'm a believer

My heart is phosphor
 D              A
Sea rolls and death tolls
  C                       G
Break the surface don't break my bones
 A           B                    G
Off of the trail and off of your hands and

Onto a new plan
 D              A
Is the cost to stay lost
 C                  G
Forever in an empty skin

Pale and thin

 B         D                A              C
If it's good, or if it's fortune, I can't tell
 B      D         A                C
But pieces come together for some reason just as well
 B                   D
Their guns couldn't see us
           A              C
There's a sea outside my door
     B                D
And one day I'll appreciate
      A                     C                      G
The rush of blood and the washed out beat of the shore
And remember what it felt like
To be alone
Sitting in the sunlight
All alone
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