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Artist: MGMT
Song: Weekend Wars

Dm                                 C     G
Evil S I yes to find a shore,
C                                    G         F
A beach that doesn't quiver anymore,
Dm                                        C                               F
Where we can crush some plants to paint my walls,
                      Am                                          F
And I won't try to fight in the weekend wars
Dm                                  C         G
Was I? I was to lazy to bathe
C                                  G                      F  
Or paint or write or try to make a change.
Dm                           C                       F
Now I can shoot a gun to kill my lunch
Am                                                            F
And I don't have to love or think too much

A   Dm      C          F         A                        Bb
      Instant battle plans written on the sidewalk
A   Dm      C          F         A                        Bb
      Mental mystics in a twisted metal car
A   Dm      C          F          Gm           Bb            C
      Tried to amplify the sound of light and love
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