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M. Ward
The First Time I Ran Away

Tuning: EBEF#BE

Listen to the song for strumming patterns and timing etc

F#m11/E:        002320
Emaj7:          004540
E:              000200

Intro:  F#m11/E    Emaj7     F#m11/E    *E

 F#m11/E                      E
The first time I ran away I saw faces in the trees
       F#m11/E               E              F#m11/E
I heard voices in the storm, they sang oooooooh
   Emaj7                     F#m11/E          Emaj7      F#m11/E    *E
     by the waterfall, oooooooh

The second time I ran away I saw warriors on the train
catching tigers by the tail, they sang ooooooooh
     by the waterfall, oooooooh

  Emaj7                                         F#m11/E 
Cause the way they look at you as if you were a stranger
  Emaj7                                  F#m11/E       *E       F#m11/E  
The way they talk to you as if you were a child
  Emaj7                   F#m11/E      Emaj7       F#m11/E       *E
  by the waterfall, oooooooh

 F#m11/E                            E
The last time I run away, well I hope it is with you
 F#m11/E                            E     F#m11/E
Will you let me show you where to run?
  Emaj7                   F#m11/E        *E
  by the waterfall  

*E  e|-------0000000000-------0000000000|
    G|-------2222222222-------2222222222|           etc

hit and pull off are immediately followed by continuous strumming of the E chord and 
so forth. Add these in where necessary.

Also remember to slide F#m11/E to Emaj7 when the opportunity presents itself.
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