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Intro:  D         C         D       C

Verse 1:

D                                  C
    There he sits with a pen and a yellow pad
       G            A            D   Dsus/D/Asus/D
He?s a handsome lad,   that?s my boy
     P, R, L, F, Q spells Mom and Dad
           G             A                  D   Dsus/D/Asus
Well, that ain?t too bad   ?cause that?s my boy

Chorus 1:
      G                 A             D          Dsus/D/Asus
Well, you can have your T.V. and your nightclubs
G                   A                D     Dsus/D/Asus
  You can have your drive-in picture shows
G                 A                D                 G
I?ll sit here and drink a beer and listen to the radio
 G/                A/              D    C    D       C
Bidin? my time and Watchin? Scotty Grow

Verse 2:
D                                C
  Makin? castles out of building blocks
      G             A           D   Dsus/D/Asus/D
And a cardboard box,  that?s my boy
    Mickey Mouse says it?s thirteen o?clock
             G             A                D   Dsus/D/Asus
Well, that?s quite a shock   but, that?s my boy

Chorus 2:
   G                     A                  D      Dsus/D/Asus
In four short years I?ve grown from rags to riches
    G            A                 D    Dsus/D/Asus
And what I did before that I don?t know
      G                      A                D              G
Well, you can let it rain on my window pane I got my own rainbow
               G/                   A/              D     C     D     C
And we?re just sittin? here shinin? Watchin? Scotty Grow

Verse 3:
D                             C
  Up on Daddy?s shoulders and off to bed
    G           A            D   Dsus/D/Asus/D
Ol? sleepy head    that?s my boy
    Gotta have a drink of water and a story read
       G                       A           D   Dsus/D/Asus
An old teddy bear named ?Fred?   that?s by boy

Chorus 3:
      G                         A                      D         Dsus/D/Asus
Well, what?s that you say Mama, ?Come on and keep your feet warm?
G                       A                    D   Dsus/D/Asus
Save me a place I?ll be there in a minute or so,
  G                     A                     D               G
I think I?ll stay right here and say a little prayer before I go
       G/             A/              D         
?Cause me and God are Watchin? Scotty Grow
G/             A/               D       F        G       A      D/
Me and God are Watchin? Scotty Grow
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