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Tuning: standard 
Intro: C     Am    Em     G 
Verse 1: 
           C        Am                Em            G 
Pack your bag, run away. Along the freeway, out of town 
             C            Am       Em            G 
Where you'd like and the night is over. It's alright 
        C               Am                 Em               G 
From despair, between the sheets. Spilling over, spinning round 
          C             Am               Em               G 
Waiting still, in the street. Ain't it bitter, ain't it sweet, oh ho 
F           G          Am    F 
Holding, holding on to you again 
F           G          Am    F 
Holding, holding on to you again 
F           G                  Am 
No rushing, don't rush it, my love 
F            G          C      Am     Em     G 
Holding, holding on to you 
Verse 2: 
         C            Am         Em               G 
Bet you lie. On your back in the backseat of his car 
         C            Am            Em            G 
Cattle black, pepper night. Dylan Thomas passed around 
         C          Am           Em                     G 
Passing out on the floor. In the bathroom , black light vail 
          C       Am              Em       
We don't need once again. Sing the song, sad 
Drink the wine, love 
Em                        Am 
Oh, well how long did we stay in there 
     Em                  Am 
Well I can't believe my eyes 
          Em          Am      
Well how long did I take this 
Well I can't hold on no, hold on 
Repeat Chorus x2, end on 
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